Understanding Your Legionella Risk Assessment

There is often a misconception that a Legionella Risk Assessment is just looking for the presence of Legionella; as if it’s a tick boxing exercise to state whether it’s there or not. However, a Risk Assessment of this kind is actually exactly what it states: it assesses not just whether Legionella is present, but what the risks are of the bacteria emerging. It’s about making sure your site is safe and recommending actions to reduce the risk from Legionella bacteria. To give you guidance on what’s involved in a Legionella Risk Assessment and how you should use the report, we’ve answered some key questions: What is a Legionella Risk Assessment? During a Legionella Risk Assessment, we’re not looking for Legionella in the system, the assessment is instead designed to identify potential conditions that would encourage Legionella to grow. Then we recommend steps to eliminate or reduce that risk, making sure […]